Life in Our New Age

In Pandemic Files

By Kai Rodgers

362,108 confirmed cases and growing.

Death tolls rising and symptoms sporadic.

In this current pandemic, the feelings of fear and uncertainty are most prevalent. 

Every day the news is the same. Our country is struggling to comfort its citizens in this time of need, and leaders of our nation are unable to provide us with clear and consistent updates. While I watch the news broadcasts and read articles online about our global crisis, I always find myself asking the same questions …

“How did we get here?”

“When will this end?”

I wish I had the answers, as we sit home every day with our fates hanging in limbo, waiting for our leaders to find a solution. All I can think about is those of us who do not have the resources during this time to sustain themselves. People being out of work, others risking their lives at their jobs, I can only begin to imagine how scary and stressful this all is for everyone. I remember the first time I heard about COVID-19 earlier this year through the internet. It had not yet reached our nation, and it flew under the radar for me in terms of its severity. I was scrolling Twitter like any other day and that’s when I saw a post about COVID-19 affecting citizens of China. It caught my attention momentarily as it grimly described people experiencing harsh symptoms of  heart and lung failure, but unfortunately, I didn’t give the post any more of my time. I remember scrolling on to more positive news, and COVID-19 was buried in the back of my mind just like that…

Now, only a few months later, the virus has spread like wildfire. 

Now I sit at home, thinking back to where I was months earlier. That kid scrolling the internet without a clue to the events about to unfold. I think back to all of the things I was able to do: travel the city with friends, exploring wherever my heart desired with little to no limitations. I reminisce about walking down the bustling downtown streets of Philadelphia, the sun shining brilliantly as I would eat ice cream in the park and watch the clouds lazily glide in the sky.

In what felt like an instant, those luxuries were gone. 

Quarantined with my family in one space, our home becomes suffocating for us all.

Work, Academics, Leisure . . . everything gets crammed under one roof simultaneously, with little to no breathing room.

I find myself having to isolate in my room due to our overlapping lives, whether it be my mother and her loud vacuum cleaner or my brother practicing his guitar for hours on end. 

There’s so much going on and it gets overwhelming, it gets hard to focus on assignments and other chores around the house on a day to day basis.

When I’m in my room, I think about traveling with friends and what other outdoor activities I could be doing after this pandemic. Hiking, swimming, camping. I keep these activities in my mind as goals for the future. They’re my hopes. Despite all of the devastating news and events, I will keep positivity at the forefront because that is the best thing I can do at the moment. 

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