Generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Ohio Five Digital Scholarship Grant, elsewhere.anywhere is an online publication created by the students of ENG160: Writing Travel, a spring 2016 course offered at The College of Wooster. Directed by Dr. Jennifer Hayward and assisted by Ananya Shrestha ’16, this course delved into the genre of travel writing, discussing both traditional and contemporary travel literature. Of course, Jacob Heil, Mellon Digital Scholar with The Five Colleges of Ohio, was of tremendous help during the entire process.

The publication features original pieces from Wooster students enrolled in the class, synthesizing course themes such as othering, the tourist/traveler dichotomy, and the relationship between self and place. To facilitate an understanding of these different themes, the selected submissions have been organized into five distinct categories: Sojourn, Way Back When, Journeys, Photojournalism, and Conversations.

For publicity purposes, elsewhere.anywhere has a social media presence on several platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. The Instagram features travel photos and accounts from the entire College of Wooster community and serves as a platform for students to share their personal experiences and experiences abroad. The Facebook page helps to promote the magazine, giving updates on the publication status of the different issues.